Tips and tricks

Rental Karting tips and tricks from Jalopnik


After a few laps on track, you might notice that if you hustle you can stay flat-out the whole way around. Despite what you may think, this isn’t necessarily an indication of being fast.


The worst thing you can do with an indoor go-kart is scrub speed. Full power, flicking the car like a demented rally driver is exciting, but it’s slow. Indoor karting is a game of momentum, where the guy that lifts slightly to avoid sliding, mixed with silky smooth steering, will be the fastest.


Pay close attention to the engine noise. Try to keep the revs up with smoothness. If you slide too much, you’ll hear the engine die. You must avoid this. Play with your racing line to maximize engine revs, too. If a certain line leaves you with a higher sounding rpm at the exit, it will likely be faster.


Another tip to increase your exit speed, and let the engine recover, is to hop out of the seat when exiting the tighter turns. This momentarily frees up the motor and aids acceleration. It’s subtle, but when you are looking for every hundredth, it adds up — especially if you are fat.


Finally, we must talk about race craft. Timing a pass is key to ensure you don’t bog the kart down by attempting it at an inept part of the track. Remember, maintaining momentum is paramount.


When you decide to make a move, flick the kart’s arse out with the brake on corner entry. This way if your competitor turns in, they hit your outside rear wheel causing them to bounce wide, preventing the two of you from tangling and losing time. Also, given that you are heading down the inside and the corner will therefore be tighter, the rotation provided by flicking the kart will help you turn and exit the corner quicker to avoid a counter attack.